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This is the patch note Spelltower Siege update, published on the official Atlantica Online website.
This patch adds a lot of content and provides interesting balancing/improvements. A new grade-B mercenary (Khun Phaen) will be available, and Inter-Server War is a new PvP battle system which will be developped in further updates.


  • New Three Kingdoms TBS battles have been added
    - You can enter into these missions through NPC [Ling Tong] near the eastern Wu camp
    - [First Naval Battle] (Level Required 102, Level Recommended 112)
    - [Black Forest Depot] (Level Required 112, Level Recommended 122)
    - [Scourge] (Level Required 122, Level Recommended 132)
    - [False Surrender] (Level Required 132, Level Recommended 140)
  • New Alishan TBS missions have been added
    - You can enter into these missions through NPC [Noh Chum Chung] near the Alishan Mountain Path.
    - [Alishan's Devastation] (Level Required 110, Level Recommended 120)
    - [Reclaiming Alishan] (Level Required 115, Level Recommended 125)
    - [The Shaman Returns] (Level Required 120, Level Recommended 130)
  • Character dialogue can be skipped during TBS missions
    - While in a squad, all players must choose to skip the dialogue
  • Training Halls are no longer used
  • Sight and range can now be upgraded just 1 level
  • The visual effect that highlights a character’s attack range has been made more visible
  • When a melee character does not attack during their turn, they will be automatically placed into Guard stance
  • The issue which caused vehicles to not be created properly under certain circumstances has been fixed
  • The issue with upgrades not applying after a character’s death has been fixed
  • The problem of characters getting stuck in certain parts of [Saving Helen] has been fixed
  • The problem of the sight upgrade not being applied properly has been fixed
  • The guard effect for Melee characters in TBS battles has been improved
    - Previously, damage was only reduced from Melee and ranged character's physical attacks.
    - Now, all magic and explosive damage will also be reduced while guarded
  • Nearby monsters will now attack melee characters in guard mode during TBS battles.
    - The higher the level of the guarded character, the more likely the monster will attack them
  • Damage and defense has been modified in TBS battles
    - Ranged types defense against melee and magic attacks has been increased
    - Range types damage against other range type has been increased.
    - Melee types defense has been increased against all attacks
  • The range for magic has been increased from a 3x3 area to a 5x5 area in TBS battles.
    - Applies to characters with 120 and 130 upgrades.
    - Arrow Cascade, Multi Arrow, Chainsaw Blade, Chaos Wind, Break Down, Evanescent Scud, Destructive Wind (Combo), Bursting Beam (Combo), Beast Summon, Mana Trap, Mind Breaker, Summon Machine, Power Saw Raid, Revolver Rush, Green Dragon Glaive, Bomb Attack (Combo)
  • The area needed to continue to the next battle in the [No Safe Harbor] TBS mission has been enlarged
  • Monsters in all Troy and Three Kingdoms TBS battles have been weakened
  • The main characters overall TBS move distance has been increased by 1 space
  • The number of turns required to resurrect after dying in a TBS battle has been reduced by 1
  • The health of a dead character that revives in a TBS battle has been increased
  • Fixed an issue in which you could not resurrect with healing magic in TBS battles
  • Contribution calculations have been revised
    - Contribution has been increased on enemy kills and deploying traps
    - Contribution has been reduced for heal type magic
  • Fixed the issue of mercenary damage being shown in different locations
  • Magic damage from mercenaries that have the 130 upgrade has been increased
    - Blazing Earth, Green Dragon's Rage
  • Rewards have been changed for all Troy Missions/Battles
    - Battlefield Treasure Chest -> Troy Battlefield Treasure
    - Battlefield Loot -> Troy Battlefield Treasure
    - Warrior's Loot -> Troy Warrior's Loot
    - Victory Loot -> Victorious Treasure of Troy
  • The attainable amount of rewards has increased
    - Players can now obtain a bulk of Atlantis Coins
    - Players can now obtain new ring materials
    - All items within the boxes are now obtained randomly
  • In Skirmish battles, both the Quest List and Will gauge will be displayed
  • In Missions, only the Will gauge is displayed
  • The effects within the portrait area of active characters have changed
  • An issue with passive magic prematurely ending has been fixed
  • An issue of the rain effect stopping when retreating out of the [Reversal] mission has been fixed

New Alishan TBS fields are added, and included in the TBS mission page.
However, Rewards for Troy Missions/Battles are not updated yet, same for the new Three Kingdoms missions.


  • New Normal Dungeon has been added
    - In Troy area, [Hercules' Adventure] is added.
    - You can enter through the gate at Hissarlik Hill
    - Level Requirement: 125
    - Recommended Level: 133
  • New Hero Dungeons have been added
    - In a Hero Dungeon, battles against monsters automatically begin at set time intervals
    - Treasure chests will appear in a Hero Dungeon and a notification message will be displayed
    . The notification will appear regardless of your location as long as you meet or exceed the dungeon level requirement
    - The use of a Blessing License will not allow you to exceed the hunting limit without penalty within a Hero Dungeon
    - Hero Dungeon: Red Forest of Spirits dungeon has been added
    . You can enter this dungeon through the Forest of Spirits (Hanyang) Dungeon
    . Level Requirement: 120
    . Recommended Level : 130
    - Hero Dungeon: Chaotic Yosun Temple has been added
    . You can enter this dungeon near the Ruins of the Yellow river region
    . This dungeon will replace the Shadow of Eight Trigrams dungeon
    . Level Requirement: 124
    . Recommended Level: 134
  • Dungeon Difficulty Lowered
    - The monsters in Ancient Aztec City, Lijiang Women's Village, and Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Dungeons are no longer under the effects of Madness of Tlaltecuhtli, Madness of Nature, and Ghost's Curse

Hercules' Adventure dungeons are added with the related quest.
Hero dungeons too.
As usually, we rely on Contributors to fill them with monsters and their loots! ;)

New Mercenary

  • The Thai General, Khun Phaen has been added, and will be obtainable after the October 11th maintenance.
  • Khun Phaen, a Thai General, is a mercenary who wields a sword and orb.
  • Khun Phaen posses 3 magic skills:
    Thunderbolt Slash - By charging his sword with lightning energy from his orb, Khun Phaen can cause devastating lightning damage to his enemies
    Rally - Khun Phaen's great leadership emanates as a passive skill which increases the main character's stats and restores some MP on each turn
    Demoralize - Khun Phaen's fierce charisma decreases the stats of enemy mains/bosses and disables magic attacks within range during a turn

Follow the links above.

My Home

  • Furniture Store has been added
    - You can enter the Furniture Store by speaking to NPC [Georgio] in Rome
    - Furniture can be viewed and bought directly
    EXP is given to every player who is in the Furniture Store at a specified time every day
  • Mercenaries placed in My Home will no longer request Atlas Ore as a gift
  • Crafted My Home items durability has been increased
  • Fixed price for all My Home items has been reduced
  • Fixed price has been added for many more My Home items
  • The chance of crafting a My Home item which is available on the Market for a fixed price has been drastically reduced
  • My Home items purchased for a fixed price will have a lower durability than those which are crafted
  • My Home item crafting materials have been modified
    - Atlas Ore has been removed as a required material
    - The quantity of other Craftsman’s Souls and Expert’s Souls required has been increased
  • Insight collection experience has been increased

Artisan Bonus Skill Exp

  • A system has been added which allows artisans to gain bonus craft skill experience when equipment items they’ve created are used in battle
  • The artisan will only acquire the bonus skill experience while logged in
  • Artisans must own a Home to receive the bonus
  • Accumulated bonus craft skill experience can be checked and collected by speaking to the Butler Acong in My Home

Main Character Specializations

  • Main characters now have added special specializations that permanently increase their abilities as well as mercenaries in their formation
  • Main characters can now learn one magic skill of a mercenary that uses the same weapon.
  • All applicable effects and their increased amounts can be found in the character information window
  • Specialization magic can be learned at the Magic tab of the Skills window
  • If you want learn a different specialization magic you must reset the previously learned specialization magic skill
  • Information about different main character specialization magic can be found in the Game Encyclopedia.
  • Main Character Specialization Details (Main Character - Special Effect)
    - Sword - Physical Defense
    - Spear - Multi-Hit Rate, Accuracy, Critical
    - Axe - HP
    - Bow - Physical Attack
    - Gun - Critical
    - Cannon - Accuracy
    - Staff - Intelligence
    - Instrument - Magic Defense
    - Power Saw - Physical Attack, Physical Defense
  • Main Character Magic Specialization Details (Class - Available Skills):
    - Sword - Mana Burn, Light Slash, Thunderbolt Sword, Shield Bash, Quickening, Marauder's Edge
    - Spear - War Cry, Green Dragon's Rage
    - Axe - Beast Summon, Beast Soul
    - Bow - Concentrate, Hwarang's Aura, Empress' Blessing (For Concentrate and Hwarang's Aura, the buff effects are applied as mercenaries' buff effects.)
    - Gun - Summon Machine, Shooting Stance, Steady Stance (For Summon Machine, only machines previously used by the character can be summoned. Also, additional search robots cannot be summoned in battle.)
    - Cannon - Smoke Bomb
    - Staff - Mana Trap, Princess' Order, Healing, Blazing Earth (For Princess' Order, the buff effects are applied as mercenaries' buff effects.)
    - Instrument - Salvation, Vampiric Thirst
    - Power Saw - Sacrificial Awakening

New available skills for Main characters are now displayed.
Hero specializations might be available later.

Inter-Server War: Spelltower Control

  • Spelltower Control has been added
  • Spelltower Control is a war between servers which takes place on Titan Server
  • Requirements: Level 100 and higher (Reserved spots based on players with the highest Might)
  • Rewards
    - Oriharukon
    - Oriharukon can be exchanged with NPC [Qasim] for various rewards at the entrance of Rome on Titan Server
    - Winning server receives +25% EXP, +10% Attack Power, and +5% Defensive Buff for 1 week
  • A buff called [Challenger's Will] will increase the abilities of the Attack Force when the Occupying Force continuously dominates the competition

Balance Improvements

  • 3 new special effects are added for magic.
    - "Random" attribute added:
    . "Random" attributes deliver random damage or healing within a set range.
    . List of affected spells: Flame Spear, Wild Shot, Light Slash, Divine Slash, Blood Vengeance, and Salvation.
    - "Piercing" attribute added
    . "Piercing" attributes deliver piercing damage and ignore magic defense.
    . List of affected spells: Flame Sword, Wild Shot, Requiem, Requiem Combo, Light Slash, Divine Slash, Shield Bash, Blood Vengeance, and Odin's Chain.
    - "Physical Attack" attribute added
    . "Physical Attack" attributes deliver increased number of physical attacks.
    . List of affected spells: Light Slash, Bursting Beam, Deadly Strike, Deadly Shot, Wild Shot, Flame Spear, Blood Vengeance, Green Dragon Strike, and Requiem Combo.
  • Green Dragon's Rage Magic Combo Effect has been added.
    - When Beast's Soul is used in addition to Green Dragon's Rage, Green Dragon's Roar Combo is activated and enemy attack power is further reduced.
  • Competition Combo Hits Improved
    - Damage is lowered based on the number of combo hits delivered in competition.
    - Competition Combo Hit Details (Combo - Damage % - Total Damage %):
    . 1st Hit - 100% - 100%
    . 2nd Hit - 80% - 180%
    . 3rd Hit - 60% - 240%
    . 4th Hit - 40% - 280%

For each skills, when appliable:
  • The "random" attribute is visible in the "Health" effect, showing a range instead of a single value.
  • The "piercing" damage attribue is added in the effects.
  • The "Physical Attack" attribute is displayed with the "Increase Combo Count" mention.
Magic skill (combo) Green Dragon's Roar is added.

Item Consolidation

  • Many Mineral, Wood, Fabric, Misc., and Energy items have been combined
  • Combined items will either be excluded or have changed fixed price, crafting material, dismantle material, monster drop, independent mercenary reward/request, box contents, quest requirements, quest rewards
  • The following items have been changed at NPC [Pointry]
    - Battle Points
    . Removed Still-Beating Heart
    . Added the following
    1 x Hero’s Blood - 140 Points
    - Fishing Points
    . Removed Fragment of Divine, Whimpering of the Dead, Still-Beating Heart, Powder of Soul, Powder of Spirit, Powder of Life, Tear of the Abyss
    . Added the following items
    1 x Frozen Soul - 120 Points
    5 x Ruby - 120 Points
    1 x Hero’s Blood - 240 Points
    1 x Energy of Hail - 120 Points
    10 x Platinum Ingot - 100 Points
    - Referral Points
    . Removed Tear of the Abyss
    . Added the following items
    1 x Energy of Hail - 100 Points
  • Combined Item Details (Old Items -> New Items) - Unless specified, the conversion rate is 1:1
    - Minerals
    . Clay, Copper Flakes -> Coral
    . Magnesium -> Iron Sand
    . Silver Dust -> Copper Ore
    . Gold Dust, Copper Ingot, Platinum Ore, Sulfur -> Pearl
    . Silver Ore, Coal, Iron Ore, Crystal, Gold Ore -> Silver Ingot
    . Platinum, Nickel, Mithril Ore, Topaz -> Gold Ingot
    . Mithril -> Oil
    . Iron Ingot -> Tanzanite
    . Fragment of Divine -> Refined Mithril Ingot
    . Titanium -> 2:1 -> Titanium Ingot
    . Adamantium Ore -> Ruby
    . Mithril Ingot -> 2:1 -> Opal
    . Small Diamond, Refined Oil -> Opal
    . Steel -> 2:1 -> Platinum Ingot
    - Wood
    . Small Tree Branch -> Maple
    . Bamboo -> 3: 1 -> Pine
    . Charcoal -> 2:1 -> Pine
    - Energy
    . Power of Night -> Energy of Atmosphere
    . Power of Dark -> Energy of Wind
    . Power of Midnight -> Energy of Hail
    - Misc
    . Small Feather -> Weak Gunpowder
    . Normal Feather, Small Animal Bone -> 2:1 -> Common Gunpowder
    . Pure Dragon's Blood -> Frozen Soul
    . Whimpering of the Dead -> 1:2 -> Frozen Soul
    . Solid Shell, Soft Hair -> 2:1 -> Sharpened Claw
    . Tannin, Shining Glass -> Thick Animal Bone
    . Still-Beating Heart -> 2:1 -> Hero's Blood
    . Tear of the Abyss -> Energy of Hail
    . Nitroglycerin, Powder of Soul -> 2:1 -> Ruby
    . Powder of Life -> 2:1 -> Platinum Ingot
    . Powder of Spirit, Crystal of Magic, Steel Ingot -> Platinum Ingot
    - Fabric
    . Rough Leather, Rough Silk -> Thread
    . Common Leather, Common Silk -> Embroidery Thread
    . Quality Leather, Quality Silk -> Silver Thread
    . Perfect Leather, Perfect Silk -> Gold Thread
    . Soft Silk -> Thin Rayon
    - Other
    . The Grace of Onteotl -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)
    . Secret Vial of Stability -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)
    . Jiuyodian -> Scroll of Enchant (No Trade)
  • There are 2 methods to convert the old items to the new ones
    NPC [King of Steel Andrew] will happily exchange many of the old items for their new counterparts
    NPC [King of Steel Andrew] can be found at the Bazaar in Rome
    - Auto Exchange System
    . When you login, any of the old items that are in the main character’s and active mercenaries’ inventory will automatically be converted to the new version
    . A message box and a Note will notify you of the successful exchange
    . If your inventory is full at the time, the items will be sent to your Mailbox
    . Items located in other areas (Extra Inventory, Warehouse, Merc. Room, etc.) will not be automatically exchanged
    . The exchange will happen only during login, so you can move the items to your main or active mercenaries’ inventory and re-log if you wish for the automatic exchange to take place
    . Note: Due to the 1:2 conversion ratio of Whimpering of the Dead, only stacks of 5000 or less will be auto-exchanged
Items updated on the atlantica-db pages (craft materials, quests...), but not within the available guides. By the way, many monsters' loots are clearly outdated now.


  • Required quantity of Atlas Ore for enhancing Dragon's God equipment has been reduced
  • Required quantity of Atlas Ore for enhancing Divine and lower level equipment has been reduced
  • Required quantity of Atlas Ore Fragments for repairing equipment from NPC [Reginn] has been reduced
  • The following items can now be purchased for a fixed price from the Market:
    - Monster Egg, Platinum Ingot, Opal, Ruby, Big Slab of Lumber, Thin Rayon, Colorful Thread, Dragon God’s Ire, Oriental Mushroom, Vindictive Soul Imprint, Evil Soul Extract, Enchant Stone [II], Enchant Stone [III], Mint, Magnetite, Ginkgo Wood, Brown Rice, Quality Mint, Quality Magnetite, Quality Ginkgo Wood, Quality Brown Rice, Secret Vial of Amnesia
  • The fixed price for the following items has been reduced:
    - Gold Ingot, Silver Ingot, Tanzanite, Thick Animal Bone, Large Animal Bone, Sharpened Claw, Frozen Soul, Craftsman’s Soul
  • The fixed price for Iron Sand has been increased from 150 to 200
  • Due to fixed price availability or item consolidation, the following items have been removed from the Barter Shop
    - Opal, Ruby, Hero’s Blood, Thin Rayon, Soft Silk, Nitroglycerin
  • The maximum Bank balance has been increased from 20 billion to 50 billion.
  • The maximum price for items on the Market has been increased from 5 billion to 50 billion
  • While listing items in the market, new restrictions have been placed so that items with a fixed price cannot be listed any higher than their fixed price
    - Equipment items are not affected by this restriction
  • When your inventory is full at the time an equipped duration item expires, it will now be destroyed instead of being sent to your mailbox
  • The drop rate of Enchant Stones has increased in the areas between Forest of Spirits and Sea Palace
  • NPC [Facility Acong] has been added to the My Home area in Rome
    - You can exchange 50 Mint, Magnetite, Ginkgo Wood, or Brown Rice for 1 of the Quality version of the item
  • 4 new rings have been added
    Chi You's Ring (Melee)
    Nuwa's Ring (Range)
    Fu Xi's Ring (Magic)
    Pangu's Ring (Artillery)
    - The level requirement for these rings is 130 and above
    - You can find information on crafting these rings in the 'Accessory' option in the crafting skill window
  • A new box [Medici's Deluxe Box], is now available for purchase from NPC [Medici]
  • Items from Sealed Dragon God’s Equipment Box and Sealed Phoenix’s Equipment box will no longer be sealed
    - As a result, the name of the boxes have been changed to Dragon God’s Equipment Box and Phoenix’s Equipment Box
  • Captured Volcanic Raptor has been changed to Captured Laval Basilisk
  • Some of the items that can be obtained from Homer's Gift Box have been changed
  • The tooltip on Secret Vial of Amnesia and the tooltip explaining job change from NPC [Divine Deity] have been improved
  • Feast with Friends guild feast is now tradable
  • History info for equipment items that were created from guild crafting has been improved
  • The issue of items not going into the jackpot for players under Lv. 50 with Jackpot license active during TBS battles has been fixed
  • The following quest items can no longer be dropped:
    - Map Piece
    - Strange Compass
    - Mirage Key
    - Crystal of Truth
  • Atlantis coin exchange rates have been capped to not increase with interest endlessly over time
    - Atlantis Coin Shard - 3,500
    - Atlantis Copper Coin - 35,000
    - Atlantis Silver Coin - 350,000
    - Atlantis Gold Coin - 3,500,000
    - Atlantis Platinum Coin - 35,000,000

I don't have the new Atlas Ore quantities to enchance equipement tiers. Same for the Atlas required to enchance the new level 130 rings.
If someone can provide them, please let me know.

New Atlas Ore Functions

  • Secure Enhance system has been added
    - This system guarantees that an item will not be destroyed or decrease in grade if the process fails
    - For the added security, Secure Enhance requires more Atlas Ore than the standard Power Enhance
  • Mercenary Upgrade
    - Mercenaries can now be upgraded using Atlas Ore or Atlas Ore Fragments instead of Crystals or Jewels
    - You can use this option by choosing to upgrade a mercenary normally. Upon clicking the Upgrade button, you will be prompted with the option to use Atlas instead
  • Learning Magic
    - Magic can now be learned and level upgraded by using Atlas Ore or Atlas Ore Fragments instead of the magic skill books
    - You can do this by right-clicking on the Atlas and selecting ‘Learn Magic’ or by clicking the ‘Learn Magic’ button from the Skills - Magic window
  • Various licenses can be activated or have time extended by using Atlas Ore
    - From the License tab of the My Buff Effects window, select a license and click the ‘Extend’ button

Costs in Atlas Ores/Fragments to upgrade mercenaries and magic skills are now displayed.

Mercenary Auto Battle Mode

  • Mercenary auto battle mode allows individual mercenaries to be set for auto/manual battle mode
  • A mercenary’s mode can be set from the Formation window or during battle from the UI
  • Mercenaries in Auto Battle mode will have an icon to indicate so on their portrait
  • Mercenary Auto Battle mode settings will be saved between logins
  • This cannot be used in any competitions: Free League, Colosseum League, Weekly Championship, Grand Championship


  • The maximum Guild level has been increased to 120
    - Guild Points will be used in addition to having the required experience to level up a guild beyond 110
    - Each level from 111 to 120, the maximum guild members will increase by 1
    - From level 111 to 120, additional Defense increase will be added to the Guild Buff
  • Issues with whispering between characters on Titan server and the main game servers have been fixed
  • The Guild Office - Guild Quest button is now inactive on Titan server
  • A new guild feast, Feast of Unity, has been added
    - Can be exchanged from NPC [Pointry] for 3000 Guild Points
    - Attack Power 20%, Defense 10% for 60 minutes
    - Up to 15 Guild Members can participate in the feast
  • The problem of My Home Furniture/Quest Craft items being searched in Guild Crafting window has been fixed
  • The mail inbox list has been improved to highlight the time limit remaining on received mail
  • The required amount of Will to send a gift to a beginner has been decreased from 100% to 50%
  • Characters up to level 50 now qualify as beginners for the Give Gift function
  • Location chat has been changed to All Chat
    - Now all players on the server can chat with each other


  • The Quest List located in the top left corner of the screen can now be resized
    - The ability to resize the window is dependent on screen resolution
  • When your receive multiple quests from an NPC, completed quests will now be marked in orange, while in progress quests will be marked in blue
  • When searching for specific equipment in the market, a new drop down menu shows the material needed to craft that piece of equipment
  • Auto Move can now be used to go to a town that has never been visited before
  • The market price confirmation function has been improved
  • The ‘Rates’ button on the Market will now show the current prices of the item being sold both on the Market and from Personal Shops
  • Changes have been made so that equipment grade +1 and above on the market displays the grade within the item description
  • Event Notice function has been added
    - An Event Notice icon is now available on the right side of the screen. Clicking the icon will display the Event Notice window
    - The Event Notice window displays a timetable and details of all recurring in-game events
  • My Buff Effects window has been added
    - A My Buff Effects icon has been added to the right side of the screen. Clicking the icon will display the My Buff Effects window
    - From the window, you can easily view all of your current active buff effects, as well as extend licenses from the License tab
    - When a new buff affect is activated, the icon will blink
    - The Bonus Time icon has been incorporated into the My Buff Effects window
  • With the addition of the My Buff Effects window, the icons for licenses that were previously displayed to the left of the mini-map have been removed
  • The Quest Log has been improved
    - A function to view In Progress/Incomplete/Complete quests separately has been added
    - Additional quest display filters have been added
    - These can be accessed by clicking the Settings button from the Quest Log
    - You can search the Quest Log now by NPC name
  • Hero has been added to the Field Information Type in the Field Info book
    - You can view Hero Dungeons separately using the category type
  • NPCs in Hissarlik Hill are now more easily found within the mini-map


  • A quest has been added in [Hercules' Adventure] area
    NPC [Hercules] will give the quest
    - Level Requirement: 133
  • The [Alishan] quest line has been added
    - You can begin the quest by speaking to NPC [Lin Moniang] near the Alishan Mountain Path
    - Level Requirement: 121
  • [Red Forest of Spirits] (TBS) quest has been added
    - You can get the quest from NPC [Wonni] near the Red Forest of Spirits
    - Level Requirement: 120
    - This quest resets every Monday and Friday at 06:00 AM
  • [Trojan War Records] and [Organizing the Trojan War Records] quests have been added.
    - You can get the quests from NPC [Homer] near the entrance of Hissarlik Hill.
    - Level Requirement: 50
    - These quests reset every week on Thursday at 06:00 AM
  • [Battle of Red Cliffs Record] and [Organizing the Records] quests have been added
    - You can get the quests from NPC [Luo Guanzhong] near the entrance of Eastern Wu Camp
    - Level Requirement: 90
    - These quests reset every Thursday at 06:00 AM
  • Van Gogh's Hometown [Monsters That Haven't Died Yet] (TBS) quest has been added
    - You can get the quest from NCP [Tanguy Jr.] near the Langlois Bridge in front of Van Gogh's Hometown
    - Level Requirement: 131
    - This quest resets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 06:00 AM
  • [Chaotic Yosun Temple] quest line has been added
    - You can get the quest from NPC [Lien] near the Ruins of the Yellow River
    - Level Requirement: 124
    - This quest resets every Monday at 06:00 AM
  • [Upcoming Danger] quest has been added
    - You can get the quest from NPC [Theseus] near Hissarlik Hill
    - Level Requirement: 133
    - This quest is repeatable by using the Secrets of Time
  • The [VIP DX] title quest has been added to NPC [Thalia]
  • A Furniture Store quest can now be obtained from NPC [Domovikha]
  • The difficulty of the main quest line quests ranging from Forest of Spirits to Sunken Machine Shrine has been lowered
    - Quest item drop rates have increased
    - Number of defeated monsters required for completion has been reduced
    - Quest reward experience has been increased
  • Inventor recruitment quest has been modified
    - The requirement have a level 50 Princess mercenary has been reduced to level 10
    - The amount of times the magic skill "Royal Signet" must be used has been reduced from 20 to 5
  • The Oracle recruitment quest requirement to hunt a certain amounts of monsters has been reduced and the drop rate of the quest item has increased
  • The background & storyline to the Monk recruitment quest has changed from the Shadow of Eight Trigrams to the Ruins of the Yellow River
  • The Beast Trainer's recruitment quest has been changed from Mohenjodaro's Shadow Dungeon
  • to the normal Mohenjodaro dungeon area
  • The Witch's recruitment quest has been changed from Bran Castle's Shadow Dungeon to the normal Bran Castle dungeon area
  • NPC [Sima Qian]'s [Secret History] quest completion condition has changed from whispering to answering a question
  • NPC [Wild Blue]'s [Broken Hoe] quest craft item requirement has changed from [Mithril Hoe] to [Shining Pickaxe]
  • NPC [Sachen]'s Aid 1 quest completion condition has changed from giving a gift to answering a question
  • The minimum level for [Pandora]’s Santa Claus and [Kleio]’s Philanthropist quests has been reduced to 50
  • [Endangered Chang-san] quest has been modified
    - The monster which drops the Water of Eternity crafting material for Purified Water that NPC [Jang Jie] needs has been changed from Evil Archer to Black Drill Weasel.
  • NPC [Ma Yun-ling]'s quest line has been modified
    - The mission requirement, Defeat 10 Ghost Spearman, has been changed to Contribute to Guild
    - The mission requirement, Collect Excavation Records, has been changed to Acquire Undead Bandit's Basic Info
  • The quiz quests given by [Wild Blue], [Malinalli], [Chief Notoqchen], and [Cleomenes] have been changed to different quests
  • In a quest related to observing Free League, you are now able to right click and 'Observe' a character to complete the quest

As usually, the Quest list page is your friend, always up-to-date!


  • The number of monsters in Ancient Aztec City has been reduced
  • An issue where some monsters immune to stun could be stunned has been fixed
  • TBS monster difficulty has been changed for Troy and Three Kingdoms
  • Magic damage and DoT effects during normal battles for all monsters in Shogun Castle/Bulguksa area have been reduced
  • Magic damage, range, use rate, and DoT effects during Skirmish battles for all monsters has been reduced
  • HP, Attack Power, and join rate for monsters in Northern Europe, North America, Central Asia, and Shogun Castle/Bulguksa has been reduced
  • Magic for the boss monster in the [Forest of Spirits] has been weakened
  • Magic for all monsters, including the boss, in the [Mysterious Saloon] area has been weakened
  • Magic of [Chief Haunted Husk] has been improved
  • Fixed an issue where the monster [Desert Soul Fighter]'s weapon colors were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where [Servant Leader] did not appear in the Monster Encyclopedia
  • An abnormal display of [Violent Straw]'s shadow in [Van Gogh's Gallery] has been fixed
  • Several monsters who’s Monster Information was unattainable have been removed from the Monster Info book
    - Chief Guan Hun, Young Sea Turtle, Desert Scorpion, Crimson Wild Boar, Malicious Evil Swordsman, Apophis Safeguard, Japanese Deer, Monstrous Owl, Tough Red Fox
  • The number of monsters which fight alongside Headless Captain, Magiced Evil Archer, and Xiyu Shaman has been lowered
  • [Alloy Doll Magicians] will now appear in [Bran Castle Jail]


  • Beginner's Box has been removed and added Gift Boxes for all levels
    - Now all characters will receive a level based reward for staying logged in every day
    - A gauge will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen, when it’s filled you can click it to receive a free gift
  • Now when you are standing while you are on a mount, you will have the same rest effect as when you are sitting
    - Restores your character in the following order: Health -> Mana -> EXP
  • The number of auto-battles will now increase over time just by staying logged in
  • Carmilla and Christine mercenaries can now be hired at level 1
  • Now in normal TBS hunting areas, instanced dungeon keys will appear for the corresponding dungeons
  • Level 140 character's daily diary experience has been increased
  • The AI has been modified so that Carmilla's Dawn Harmony magic attack will target more accurately when auto-battling
  • The issue with Diabolic Base I portal consuming the key and not entering the area has been fixed
  • An issue with the cursor moving to the end of the text when modifying the price of an item listed on the Market has been fixed
  • An issue with the Prophet model has been fixed
  • Mercenaries equipped with an expired duration item can no longer be sent on an expedition until the item is removed from them
  • An issue with having to click the Fishing button multiple times in order to successfully fish has been fixed
  • A fix has been made to the item exchange with NPC [Albert] in which items that had no fishing point value would appear in the exchange window
  • An issue with magic turn duration being improperly applied has been fixed
  • An issue with DoT magic being applied to enemies one turn longer than usual has been fixed
  • An issue with the client crashing after using Green Dragon's Rage and Blazing Earth has been fixed
  • The Valkyrie mercenary’s guard animation has been modified to be more clear
  • The Action Power consumption listed for [Marauder’s Edge] magic skill has been revised
  • Fixed an issue where scroll bars did not operate properly when left clicked
  • Fixed some particle effects issues in the settings menu
    - When Particle Effects are disabled, the gameplay will now be noticeably smoother